Proposal [noun]

Definition of Proposal:

suggestion, presentation for action

Synonyms of Proposal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Proposal:

Sentence/Example of Proposal:

She had feared he might rush his proposal through that night; he had been so much in earnest.

As she had two protectors against a fifth proposal of marriage, she stood her ground.

What she was thinking of he could not tell, but he made at once the proposal.

The proposal was accepted, and Paches marched his forces into the town.

"No, no; thank you," gasped the boy, aghast at the reckless audacity of the proposal.

And to think that both of them know all about the first proposal!

This sounded grateful in our ears; and we agreed to the proposal.

She is being prepared, as nearly as I can gather, to receive a proposal of marriage.

John told his Uncle of his proposal to go to London in search of experience.

She had been pondering over this proposal when Martin interrupted her.