Proposition [noun]

Definition of Proposition:

suggestion; scheme

Synonyms of Proposition:

Opposite/Antonyms of Proposition:

Sentence/Example of Proposition:

And Mrs. Roberts smiled, and assented to the statement, but not to the proposition.

Here is my proposition: You choose one of those girls and marry her.

This proposition is one of keen interest in connection with aviation.

This is the proposition which I intended to enforce in the present section.

You say that the one proposition is an inference from the other.

This proposition is, indeed, nothing but a more imperfect definition.

Every proposition, which is not true, is there confused and unintelligible.

Your proposition to establish a journal has been received by us with the greatest satisfaction.

The dean paused to revolve the proposition, and then shook his head negatively.

But how terrible the proposition that this charity was a useless mockery!