Recommendation [noun]

Definition of Recommendation:

advice, approval

Opposite/Antonyms of Recommendation:

Sentence/Example of Recommendation:

"I shan't need any recommendation from your father," said Robert.

Be very particular to deserve my custom and recommendation, David.'

What was the peculiarity about the mine which constituted its recommendation to investors?

And now tell me, what higher letters of recommendation have they to men than this folly?

The Chinese and Japanese eat it, but that isn't much of a recommendation to a European.

"Beyond our recommendation, you mean," said the Lyran flatly.

Jonadab recommended it to Sim, and Sim took the recommendation.

They were friends of Jim Campbell's and had first come to Bayport on his recommendation.

Chang applied to this group for a recommendation of a suitable man for him.

His manner was free and unembarrassed, and he carried a letter of recommendation in his face.