Steer [verb]

Definition of Steer:

guide, direct on a course

Synonyms of Steer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Steer:



Sentence/Example of Steer:

Peart and cunnin', but a heap too wise fur you, son; take my steer on that.

Garmer tried to steer me off this line of stocks the other night.

I was tired of trying to steer a course for myself, with no compass to go by.

Taking Misargyrides' arm and attempting to steer him off-stage.

Well, I'll tell you somethin'—will you put down a good bet if I steer you straight?

Now here was a satisfactory boy, on the spot, whom he could teach, and have to steer for him.

He knew the sea well, and it would be pleasant to steer on it one to whom it was all new—all, all.

A man whom I liked very much was busy experimenting how to steer balloons.

"I didn't want to stop you," she continued, trying to steer an even course.

How'm I goin' to see to steer with that smackin' me between the eyes every other second?