Route [noun]

Definition of Route:

path over which someone or something travels

Synonyms of Route:

Opposite/Antonyms of Route:


Sentence/Example of Route:

Along the route as, well as at the station, the party was cheered by a large crowd.

Vast crowds lined the route, afoot and in every kind of vehicle.

The view from the summit, made up for the deviation from my route.

Our route brought us along by the waterside, and we travelled hard all that night.

The route she was to follow was marked by a line of buoys and flags.

Their route now lay along the bottom which has already been mentioned.

Their route lay, for the distance of a mile, along the bed of the water-course.

Even the route they were to take was planned, so that I could not miss them if I started.

I thought you knew that; I thought that was why you called me in with my route half-covered.

For more than a week the trains from the east and the north could not run over this route.