Itinerary [noun]

Definition of Itinerary:

1. plan of travel; plan of a trip;

2. A detailed plan for a journey, especially one listing the places to be visited and the dates of arrival and departure.

3. A route or course of travel.

4. A list of events or activities to be undertaken.

Synonyms of Itinerary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Itinerary:


Sentence/Example of Itinerary:

Look for a professional who has corporate travel experience or who plans lengthy, complicated itineraries, such as cruises or safaris.

The passengers stayed on board for up to a month, depending on the itinerary.

It’s a similar story for cruise lines, most of which plan to resume operations in March, but with occupancies down as much as 50% on some itineraries.

Public health experts have advised that in addition to reducing risks via transportation, travelers should be equally mindful of the destination and activities on their itinerary.

Its website includes helpful travel info, such as the closest airport and itinerary highlights.

I grew up with a father who sent out his itinerary every six weeks.

My itinerary included three more out-of-town train trips, spaced out over the two weeks.

The Rogue Routes event series was built, giving attendees a road trip itinerary to one of five locations over several different days in the fall of 2020 and winter 2021.

Draw up a detailed trip itinerary, including specific routes of travel, and give it to someone with instructions about when to call for help if you don’t return.

So when we went into lockdown and those trips were postponed, I decided to use the time to create my perfect visitor’s itinerary to have ready for the future.