Circuit [noun]

Definition of Circuit:

revolution, track, boundary

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Sentence/Example of Circuit:

What these brain circuits actually do is calculate an estimated reward, based on your knowledge, expectations, and decisions, versus what actually happens.

In a recent study, we reported how we managed to extract copper from discarded computer circuit boards using this method and recycle it into high-quality foil.

Such circuits could be built into small, portable devices, and would carry out complex computational tasks that today only supercomputers can handle.

SDG&E has increased its capacity to modify grids and move power loads to other circuits, Winn said.

This means that its effect is temporary, giving the neural circuit breathing room to readjust its activity.

Notably, they didn’t go after the actual reward brain circuits, which are buried far deeper inside the brain and are harder to target.

So the electrons take a different path to the cathode through an external circuit.

This Isthmus has a circuit of fully five hundred leagues and is occupied by the Soriquois tribe.

There are nine of these courts, one for each circuit into which the United States is divided.

At a circuit dinner, a counsellor observed to another, "I shall certainly hang your client."