Limit [noun]

Definition of Limit:

greatest extent

Opposite/Antonyms of Limit:

Sentence/Example of Limit:

However, Texas maintains strict limits on who can vote by mail.

The reality is that SEO agencies have versatile profiles which support them in a particular market, but can become limits for other types of development.

Of all of the restrictions, the most impactful has been the off-limit “target area” – a precise locations that is off limits to individuals named on the gang injunction.

Moreover, for all the social neediness of others that Terry had bathed in, his sudden disclosures suggested his time for listening had reached a limit.

Chemical clues within these superdeep diamonds suggest that there’s a previously unknown limit to how deep Earth’s carbon cycle goes.

They ate up most of the carbon budget, developing in a way that is now off limits the world’s billions of poor people.

By June, every state had allowed restaurants to reopen in some capacity, whether that was dining outdoors only, with party limits, or with a capped indoor capacity.

I’m a pretty type-A person and I’m always thinking about how I can push myself to my limits.

Contextual targeting has its limits — it doesn’t work for last-click attribution models — but some publishers think the scale of potential spend that could move into contextual is more than expected.

The decision follows an August lawsuit alleging that the lease amounts to a waste of city funds and a violation of state debt limit requirements because the city has poured money into the building but has yet to reap the benefits of it.