Ceiling [noun]

Definition of Ceiling:

top of a room

Synonyms of Ceiling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ceiling:

Sentence/Example of Ceiling:

At some point, the skyrocketing subscriber business could hit a ceiling or investors could demand better margin growth.

Especially interesting are prints found on the cave’s ceiling.

Now intriguingly enough, the animation showcases a rather curious opening along the ceiling, which was actually called the compluvium.

For one, developers had less incentive to build new housing if there was a ceiling placed on what they could charge.

T-Mobile, for instance, had a program called Binge On that let customers stream Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu without that counting toward their data-usage ceiling.

Both of the orator's hands swung upward and outward, and he looked intently at the ceiling.

From above, through the ceiling, came the vibration of some machine at work, and the machine might have been the loom of time.

Poor wretches—they were afraid to refuse, yet their gorge rose at the deed, and they fired at the ceiling!

A man had come to stand beside it, his body screening the light of one of the lamps that hung from a rafter of the ceiling.

Even Henrietta stopped eating, looked upward at the dusty ceiling, and listened for a repetition of the sound.