Covert [adjective]

Definition of Covert:

clandestine, underhanded

Synonyms of Covert:

Opposite/Antonyms of Covert:

Sentence/Example of Covert:

Set atop the dried-up bed of Groom Lake in the Nevada desert, the now-infamous spot made for good runways, and was remote enough to keep prying eyes off covert Cold War projects.

Military dogs and their handlers play vital roles, particularly in covert operations.

While Project Veritas had previously disseminated covert recordings of CNN’s daily meeting, in this video O’Keefe himself could be seen dialing in to a private CNN call — apparently without the knowledge or consent of participants.

When Bill Sampson pleads with Margo to contain her “paranoic outbursts” and “paranoic tantrums,” he’s channeling the sense that the American psyche is at risk of being torn apart by anxiety over covert invasion.

The GRU, he says, is also constantly creating “digital” equivalents of traditionally “analog” dirty tricks, making covert operations that used to involve agents or officials tougher to track.

Make sure to state how many users leave at a certain touchpoint and do not covert further.

She saw a covert smile on his wrinkled face, while his wife pushed her former inquiry.

To-day they wore light covert coats over their canvas and rubber.

A thick wood skirted the meadow-land in another direction; but they could not have gained that covert for the same reason.

Fetherston raised his eyes and shot a covert glance at her—a glance of distinct suspicion.