Incognito [adjective]

Definition of Incognito:

in disguise

Synonyms of Incognito:

Opposite/Antonyms of Incognito:

Sentence/Example of Incognito:

At first, Lee tried to stay “incognito” as he ran into the building with the mob, but eventually, a group of at least six men realized he was a journalist and started to grab him to throw him out of the Capitol.

The book was by political columnist Joe Klein, incognito as Anonymous.

Not to be confused with giving guests access to your Google Chromecast, for example, this new Guest mode is more akin to the incognito mode in your browser.

We will then go to another hotel, in another quarter of New York, and take our week's holiday incognito.

The incognito, however, could only be preserved as long as Chopin kept his hands off the piano.

If I were to stop that old fortune teller and his companions my incognito would run a risk of being discovered.

It was evident that the unlucky chance which had brought him into the presence of his mother had betrayed his incognito.

I travelled through the country incognito; I came to Hodnet and saw you.

He had meant to witness the production incognito among the crowd in the pit or in the gallery.

But this, although the most frequent and vexatious, was not the severest trial of his incognito.