Masked [adjective]

Definition of Masked:


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Sentence/Example of Masked:

Of course the gondolier knew where Marcolina was; but why was he, too, masked?

And I, the questioner, masked and robed so that my own brother could not have known me!

No more brilliant spectacle than this masked ball could be imagined.

It seemed to be nearer than it was when the attack of the masked men came.

Instantly Tom thought of the other occasion when he was halted by masked figures.

Most of the people are masked, dress coats and ball dresses are exceptional.

He did not know the countenance it masked so darkly, but that same cloak he knew!

To him he owed it that he was thus bound, masked, disguised!

Some twenty men appeared, all clothed in black and masked in velvet.

For a moment he stood there with his masked face through the port.