Disguised [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Disguised:

Naturally, life-or-death situations, clever disguises, and romantic entanglements ensue.

I’ve tried to escape it at the restaurant, but we are having the bird in all its disguises up at Kinsley’s.

Though the average speaker is generally limited by one type of voice, which he varies somewhat, it is not often disguised.

Jefferson Davis disguised himself in the hood, shawl, and dress of his wife in 1865.

Valence sent a woman, disguised as a beggar, to spy out the position; but Bruce saw through the dodge, and the spy confessed.

In the following December he returned to Manila disguised as a seaman, and stole ashore in the crowd of stevedore labourers.

You will stay here and play my part, and I shall slip away disguised in my clothes.

He neither disguised his ill humour, nor suffered it to interfere with the discharge of his duties.

For the first time it was no longer disguised from sight by the incidental interest of its side issues.

Readers insisted upon seeing in the book this person and that more or less thinly disguised.