Uncovered [adjective]

Definition of Uncovered:


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Sentence/Example of Uncovered:

With his own hands he uncovered the bones and skull of some brave warrior.

Then they uncovered the fallen statues of the pediments of Zeus' temple.

One such old palace has been uncovered at Tiryns near Mycenae.

She stood there in the biting wind, while he uncovered the horse and drove away.

His white locks were uncovered, and he was in his shirt-sleeves.

When, after the offertory, Pierre uncovered the chalice he felt contempt for himself.

Fritz and Sapt leapt out, uncovered, and held the door for me.

You uncovered, also, when Monseigneur or Monsieur spoke to you, or you to them.

At last she risked the ordeal, and uncovered her tranquillised face.

Then she uncovered her eyes, and looked, and paused and hesitated.