Stripped [adjective]

Definition of Stripped:


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Sentence/Example of Stripped:

He had stripped off his coat and waistcoat, and was busily at work in his shirt-sleeves.

Their horse would go to the post as fit as any thoroughbred had ever stripped.

He was blacker than I was; all smeared with grease and stripped to his waist.

The numerous princes who had tried speculation were stripped of their fortunes.

He has not proved a courteous antagonist, for he has not stripped to the contest.

The volcano's top had been stripped clean by the winds of countless years.

And for the great merchant, you have stripped him, I suppose?

Why was the left wing, where alone they were threatened by the enemy, stripped in that manner?

The leaves are the lungs of the plant, and it would die if all of them were stripped off.

The pinnace was then stripped of her rigging and of all the goods which remained.