Deprived [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Deprived:

In the end, that might be the thing I love best about my secondary pantry, that it provides me endless pathways to quick and simple dishes that, ultimately, make me feel a little less deprived, a little less stuck.

A little boy aged two years and four months was deprived of a pencil from Thursday to Sunday for scribbling on the wall-paper.

From a sense of justice, I hastened to remunerate those who had been deprived of their coign of vantage, but, alas!

Freed from his presence, Black Sheep resolved that he should no longer be deprived of his allowance of pleasure-reading.

When he was good for a week, he drew good-conduct pay; and when he was bad, he was deprived of his good-conduct-stripe.

On a few previous occasions she had been completely deprived of any desire to finish her dinner.

In continuation of this topic, may I inquire when and where the two following bishops, deprived in 1690, died?

On the following day he was deprived of his office, and degraded to the rank of subordinate to a new steward.

The citizens, on a short notice of 20 days, were deprived of the means of gaining a subsistence.

It is both polite and kind to do so, as otherwise he would be deprived entirely of the society of his lady friends.