Destitute [adjective]

Definition of Destitute:

down and out; wanting

Opposite/Antonyms of Destitute:

Sentence/Example of Destitute:

Prior to the formation of the Continental Army and the decision by the founding states to allow the newly created federal government to raise funds for that army, the early Colonial soldiers were destitute, hungry, and poorly equipped.

From 1929 to 1934, crop yields across Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri plunged by 60%, leaving farmers destitute and exposing the now-barren topsoil to dry winds and soaring temperatures.

When the old couple became bankrupt and died, the old nurse found herself alone and almost destitute in the world.

Louis was benevolent, but destitute of the decision of character requisite to hold the reins of government in so stormy a period.

Now here is a lady, well educated and delicately nurtured, who is destitute of the common necessaries of life.

It must be borne in mind, in this consideration, that the apes differ from the other tree-dwellers in being destitute of claws.

The lower jaws in both were heavy, while the woman was almost destitute of a chin—a marked ape-like characteristic.

Nearly half the paroled men entered the plot; those who refused were stripped of everything and sent on their way, destitute.

But emotional sounds, to which these belong, are not destitute of value in conveying intelligence.

The Pygmies are not destitute of intelligence, and are capable of receiving some of the elements of education.