Pinched [verb]

Definition of Pinched:

press tightly

Synonyms of Pinched:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pinched:

Sentence/Example of Pinched:

I have sent you all I had by me and we have been pinched a good deal too.

I'm afraid Diablo'll shut up when he's pinched; his kind are apt to do that.

Then he shrugged his shoulders, and pinched his brother's ear.

"Joe pinched me," said Tip, to explain his part of the noise.

They were beautiful eyes, but the rest of Rose, oh, how pinched and meager!

There is retribution, but Falstaff is only pinched by the fairies.

His face was pinched and pale with an expression of childish fear.

When Camille introduced his friend to the company, Grivet pinched his lips.

The yell died away to a gurgle, pinched short by the Winslow fingers.

His features were pinched and contracted, and his young face was looking old and worn.