Confine [verb]

Definition of Confine:

enclose, limit

Synonyms of Confine:

Opposite/Antonyms of Confine:

Sentence/Example of Confine:

Miss Gould will confine her lectures this week in English to the discussion of plays and play-making.

No third mode of origin can be conceived, and we may safely confine ourselves to a review of these two claims.

If he confine that slave in his house, and afterwards the slave has been seized in his hand, that man shall be put to death.

So, we will name no chemicals or poisons but confine ourselves to effects and processes.

We cannot confine the first refrain to one line only, as there is no stop at the end of l. 14.

There was no attempt to set all the unemployed to work, and no desire to confine to them the staff that was engaged.

A series of attacks alternately of depression and excitement finally make it necessary to confine the patient to an institution.

The size of his command compelled him to confine his attacks to the small details made nightly for picket duty.

Austria hoped to confine the fight to Servia, while Russia showed her warlike attitude by mobilization.

The scholars who connect the ancient Modes with the species generally confine themselves to octaves of the Diatonic genus.