Imprison [verb]

Definition of Imprison:

confine; put in jail

Opposite/Antonyms of Imprison:

Sentence/Example of Imprison:

I was at an immigrant jail in Louisiana, imprisoned for seeking political asylum.

Arresting, prosecuting and imprisoning people for drug-related crimes is expensive.

Independent journalist imprisoned for coronavirus reporting, now on hunger strike.

They also do that by advocating for people’s sentences to be commuted, by expanding the grounds through which people can be eligible for release, or by advocating for compassionate release for elderly and infirm imprisoned people.

The brave few who stand up to the regime are persecuted or imprisoned as criminals, accused of receiving money that the United States sends them to “subvert” the “sovereign and democratic order chosen by the people.”

Some of them talked secretly together and made a plan to imprison him and take possession of the ships.

But I've taken steps to imprison it in the tent, and it can't get out till I permit it.

They oppose the Acts of Navigation, and imprison the King's officers for doing their duty.

Imprison them for a quarter of a century, and on the day of their release they will conspire against czardom.

Certainly he plotted against him, sending his son Nerli to Lucca with orders to trap Castruccio and imprison him; which was done.