Allow [verb]

Definition of Allow:

admit; acknowledge

Synonyms of Allow:

Opposite/Antonyms of Allow:

Sentence/Example of Allow:

At the beginning of the pandemic, the FDA took the unprecedented step of allowing companies like Legere’s to distribute antibody tests that were not authorized by the agency.

The environmental group has also called on the administration to tighten the 2019 regulations on surface expressions, which explicitly allowed steam fracking.

Memphis Rox also offers a pay-what-you-can cost structure that allows participants to offset normal gym fees with volunteer hours at the gym or a local charity.

For the more ambitious, backpacking in the dunes and nearby mountains is also allowed—but by permit only.

As one former employee put it, “they were HUGE cash cows” that allowed the network to lower costs paid to outside companies.

You can also share your MapMyRun logs with friends, allowing you to see, comment, and like each other’s workouts.

For example, some people may be worried that a mask may not allow for a free flow of oxygen into their lungs, even though such concerns may not be valid.

“My mom allowed him right back into the house and then she had two kids with him,” she said.

For example, over stiff opposition from environmentalists, state officials explicitly allowed high-pressure “steam fracking,” a controversial extraction technique that has been linked to surface expressions.

The service has reduced employee contact with the public by eliminating a rule that customers must sign mobile devices for deliveries, and it has updated its leave policy to allow workers to take extra time off for illness and child care.