Disapprove [verb]

Definition of Disapprove:


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Sentence/Example of Disapprove:

The poll found 54 percent in Wisconsin disapprove of the way Trump has handled the pandemic, while 44 percent approve.

On the pandemic, 54 percent disapprove of the way he has handled things, while 44 percent approve.

A 58 percent majority of Minnesota registered voters say the nation’s economy is “not so good” or “poor,” though voters split about evenly on Trump’s handling of the issue, with 47 percent approving and 49 percent disapproving.

Interestingly, when asked about a proposed sale, 50% of the public say they disapprove of a forced TikTok sale.

About 58 percent now disapprove of his handling of the pandemic while just 38 percent approve, according to FiveThirtyEight’s coronavirus polling tracker.

The acts done under incompetent rulers, by those who disapprove of their claims, come from neither.

With the supporters of such constitutions unamended, some who disapprove of them, have in some respects to co-operate.

There is no academy to check abuse, no large, cultivated public to disapprove of the new forms.

On the whole, Bud did not greatly disapprove of that; he was too actively resentful of his own mother-in-law.

They neither approve nor disapprove, commend or condemn, till they have consulted his looks and his countenance.