Spurn [verb]

Definition of Spurn:

turn away; ignore

Synonyms of Spurn:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spurn:

Sentence/Example of Spurn:

No, I will tear his image from my bosom, tread on him, spurn him.

To spurn the hungry from their door, with naught to satisfy.

The hand did not spurn the coins, which I—rather timidly, I confess—dropped into it.

"I spurn the imposition," said Lady Dorothea, tearing it in fragments.

Should you give me the right to vote and deny it to my sister I should spurn the gift.

And if there is a man in this world whom you have the right to spurn, I am that man also.'

What thou desirest, Trojan, shall be given; nor do I spurn your gifts.

She knew he would not spurn her away: he must be kind, for she loved him dearly still.

The Master said, A gentleman does not raise a man for his words, nor spurn the speech for the man.

I spurn brotherhood of soul with one whose ambition has been for himself.