Disdain [noun]

Definition of Disdain:

hate; indifference

Synonyms of Disdain:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disdain:

Sentence/Example of Disdain:

I am just anti- the banality of the discussion that these otherwise decent, fun people devolve to when indulging, and my girlfriend does not share my disdain of banality, I guess.

It was by Gene himself, expressing said disdain for the undignified Ironman Triathlon watch, “thick as a brick and handsome as a hernia,” that the new President Clinton wore even to meetings at the United Nations.

These policies reflect the administration’s broader disdain for science and technology as a whole.

It made the news, and multiple A-list celebrities made public statements avowing their support for Pratt and their disdain for those heartless internet bullies who have invoked the laws of Gotta Go to tell Chris Pratt he Gotta Get.

Such events, however destructive and aggressive as they tend to be, are commonly associated not with the hunter’s sense of malice, disdain, or even casual disinterest, but an abiding sense of respect and honor for his prey.

He did not disdain to manufacture dainty little dishes for his young mistresses.

The instant lift of Florimond's eyebrows was full of insolent, supercilious disdain.

The tall, slender Spaniard, swarthy and of classic feature, looks about him with suppressed disdain.

He looked at Mandleco with immense disdain, gave a pert tilt of his head and surveyed the room with a grimace of distaste.

The boy's pulses leaped toward these things even while his lips curled in disdain at the shallow decoy.