Contempt [noun]

Definition of Contempt:

disdain, disrespect

Synonyms of Contempt:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contempt:

Sentence/Example of Contempt:

They are the poster children for evil at its core and as such, need to be treated with contempt.

Adult curfews are imposed, colors of clothing are not allowed, littering or being too loud in public could result in contempt of court.

In March, his attorney argued that MTS should be held in contempt for failing to comply with her subpoena and the city attorney’s office should be sanctioned for its failure to assist.

Because contempt is something that I don’t want in those relationships.

So let’s say you’re in a relationship with someone, and rather than being the contempt giver, you’re the contempt receiver.

You’d think it’d be better to have contempt for people you, you didn’t know.

It is then we make him our friend, which sets us above the envy and contempt of wicked men.

Her eyes were blazing with triumph, yet her lips curved with contempt at the attitude of her trembling father.

If he had cut her, he would have shown less contempt than in that stiff raising of the hat.

He threw into the last two words an indescribable sound of half-laughing contempt.