Defiance [noun]

Definition of Defiance:

disobedience, disregard

Opposite/Antonyms of Defiance:

Sentence/Example of Defiance:

Cuomo warned the state would withhold funding from any school that remained open in defiance of the shutdown.

If there were ballots that were left behind by the Postal Service in defiance of the court order, they’re going to be found.

Despite prodigious yo-yoing due to scrapes with securities regulators, missed deadlines, and defiance of pandemic-driven health laws, Tesla market capitalization is about $400 billion.

Those who operate in defiance of the state rules could face fines, possibly the loss of their license.

In 2014, California banned school districts from using willful defiance as a reason to suspend young students in kindergarten through third grade, and from expelling any K-12 student for willful defiance alone.

Two of the artillerymen who had not been injured came to his assistance, and again the gun was thundering forth its defiance.

Others now rushed to the rescue, the artillery men came back, and once more the guns were thundering their defiance.

It would have been a sort of review—in the face of the city of Dublin, in open defiance of all order and government.

From its strongly fortified position Havana set the buccaneers at defiance, and sometimes saved the whole island from ruin.

Madame had risen hastily, fear and defiance blending in her face, and she had at once commanded mademoiselle's withdrawal.