Gas [noun]

Definition of Gas:

something not liquid or solid

Synonyms of Gas:

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Sentence/Example of Gas:

In his testimony, DeMarco said he found spent tear gas canisters on the street after protesters were cleared.

As greenhouse gas emissions warm the planet, the ocean is absorbing vast amounts of that heat.

The trouble is, it can be genuinely hard to figure out how to direct your money wisely if you want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

On the surface, it’s a triangular tussle involving Turkey, Greece and Cyprus over potentially giant gas reserves deep under the Mediterranean Sea.

The gas is produced by microbes here on Earth, and after most known nonbiological processes were ruled out, the discovery has renewed hopes that there’s life on Venus.

McDonald’s leadership is showing no signs of taking its foot off the gas to embed economic justice even more deeply within the business.

It asked readers to connect three houses to three utilities — water, gas and electricity — without crossing any of the connections.

For example, precision agriculture can reduce fertilizer use, in turn sparing emissions of nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas.

Chemical signs of the gas phosphine have been spotted in observations of the Venusian atmosphere, researchers report September 14 in Nature Astronomy.

On a typical day, we can thank gases and particles, including water, in the Earth’s atmosphere for scattering light in all directions.