Contrariness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Contrariness:

"No, I won't," pouted Dot, dropping upon the ice in sheer contrariness.

There are always fools, though, who will disregard such a notice just from sheer contrariness.

He may at times laugh, and in the friendliest spirit tease his wife about her contrariness.

After such failures he would be downcast on account of Hans's contrariness.

Something of her contrariness came back to her as she paced the walk and looked over it at the tree-tops inside.

In the contrariness of accounts, we must infer that much rests for support on the imagination or interest of the witness.

"I like the Indian way best," cried Jeanne in a spirit of half contrariness.

It is hard on real authors to have to contend with such contrariness, and simply impossible for would-bes.

Then up steps the girl and "I'll go," says she--heaven knows why or what took her, except the contrariness of woman.

But as he possessed a vein of obstinacy and contrariness, this merely confirmed him in his course.