Contradiction [noun]

Definition of Contradiction:

variance to something

Synonyms of Contradiction:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contradiction:

Sentence/Example of Contradiction:

Palantir’s model is unique in allowing founders to have a commanding vote even if they were to sell their shares — in other words, voting power without underlying shareholder power, in direct contradiction to modern shareholder theory.

When there is a contradiction between the two, medical students tend to follow the lead of practicing doctors more than medical school instructors.

When we first noticed this apparent contradiction at FiveThirtyEight, some of us joked about how maybe a Texas barbecue wasn’t the same thing as a picnic in New York or Minnesota.

Clearly, there is an apparent contradiction at the heart of evolutionary biology.

But all of this is in contradiction to the curses of Jahveh on the serpent, and on those to whom the serpent brought wisdom.

This established beyond contradiction, the general equality of men.

I found here a contradiction to the vulgar opinion, that hydrophobia is not known in Brazil.

On the fourth of October was put forth a vehement contradiction of the story.

Her wanting me to lend her money in contradiction to all rules established between Aunts and Nephews is a very ugly circumstance.

No religion is without mysteries; mystery is its essence; a religion destitute of mysteries would be a contradiction of terms.