Concession [noun]

Definition of Concession:

yielding, adjustment

Synonyms of Concession:

Opposite/Antonyms of Concession:

Sentence/Example of Concession:

No mention was a concession or, as perhaps they let us know later, an indulgence of our presence at the dinner table or the reunion.

Because 25 percent of revenue from tickets and concessions is a lot more than 0 percent.

Certainly, what is being proposed does not give either side a big win, but will give both sides a good amount of concessions that advocate for their positions.

This engendered some resentment among Clinton supporters, but it also led to some fairly large concessions to the Sanders faction.

While the boycott brought considerable publicity to the issue of hate speech and disinformation on Facebook, the company made relatively modest concessions to the organizers.

Gordon turned his pleading eyes on his old friend without a ray of concession; but for a moment he hesitated.

Nay; I see fresh reasons for my hope that such concession is far nearer than is generally imagined.

It was thought that concession on the part of Great Britain ought in justice to meet with concession on the part of America.

Groups of young people milled around the “concession” which served the delicious cooling drinks.

“You sure have beaten any other individual concession on the lot,” Amy told her at the end of the evening.