Corroboration [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Corroboration:

It is in fact this process of corroboration that has furnished all ranks of swearers with their necessary side-arms and equipment.

Mrs. Simpson glanced at it as if it offered a kind of corroboration of the necessity of their being nice.

"That's very true," said Mrs. Gladwish, with an air of responsible corroboration.

As I said before, it may seem to lack essential corroboration.

Only the following passage will be referred to here in corroboration of this.

If this sentiment needed any corroboration, the history of Cain and Abel would have furnished it.

Mayo, wild thoughts urging him to desperate ventures, snapped out corroboration of that dictum.

Tristfully he would describe the scene, referring to the Duke of Wellington for corroboration.

I was much pleased with the ample corroboration given by M. Pttot to our own visit.

Philip had been quick and ready on that occasion, had said the child was teething, and wrung corroboration from the father.