Substantiation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Substantiation:

Otherwise there could be no substantiation until the judgment day.

What I learned was simply a substantiation of what I'd already surmised.

Have you got plenty of substantiation in case he tries to deny it later.

Alas, that their claims have no substantiation in our receptivities!

For this contention there is substantiation of a superficial nature.

Then followed in rapid review the facts of history in substantiation of the claim.

References to places and affairs in Oregon were quoted in substantiation of their conclusions.

Neither the sea nor the forest so lends itself to the substantiation of the supernatural as does the mine.

In substantiation of this view of the First Article, the declaration of Mr. Boutwell to that effect is here inserted.

For the substantiation of a claim for particular average the following documents are required: Protest of master or logbook.