Vindication [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Vindication:

He represented that no vindication was necessary, and that none could be of any use.

It informs her whole view of the rights and duties of women in her Vindication.

Was he too heedless of his wife to listen to the vindication.

Now, assuredly, Hemsworth requires some vindication at our hands.

I can only call to mind one act in vindication of my wisdom—I went to bed.

Her own vindication,—these were the words, George; she should be clear of all reproach.

Time, property, and every available means will find employment in her vindication.

Why should I intrude my vindication on him, when he cared not to hear it?

I have said all this in vindication of the Christians, to whom the errors of the Jews are too often imputed.

The vindication of our system of evolution is easily explained.