Defense [noun]

Definition of Defense:

armament; protection system

Synonyms of Defense:

Opposite/Antonyms of Defense:

Sentence/Example of Defense:

Atlanta has started bolstering its defenses against climate change, but in some cases this has only exacerbated divisions.

Much like the last time this club looked worthy of a title, in 2018, this defense is versatile enough to switch its assignments to guard ball screens.

That key defense won’t change as more suits are filed, Kammer said.

Tensions have been mounting locally between federal defense attorneys and prosecutors over practices during the pandemic.

Matthews and his colleagues hypothesize that the plants might produce hexyl glucoside chemicals as a defense against the pests.

Miami was always going to be a tough cover for the Bucks, given how Milwaukee orchestrates its drop defense with Brook Lopez.

The group is dynamic, a nightmare to match up against and a monster on defense.

And all the while she fought him, she punctuated her blows with words, some abusing him, others in defense of her father.

That, in the light of present conditions, is the most important thing for the necessary maintenance and defense of these islands.

Everything was placed in the best state of defense that time allowed, so that any attack of the enemy could be repulsed.