Rampart [noun]

Definition of Rampart:

fortification, stronghold

Synonyms of Rampart:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rampart:

Sentence/Example of Rampart:

We went, and walked in silence to and fro along the rampart of the fortress.

Until he, Ercwlf, Descended into the fosse of the rampart, And was covered with sand.

It was certain death for any Indian to step from behind his rampart.

A pallid sun, low, gleaming just over a rampart of mountain-tops.

Others shot their horses and built a rampart of their bodies.

What a river it was now, this unbridled Salagua which had been their moat and rampart for so many years!

To Morgan's onslaught could only be opposed a rampart of blades and hearts.

From the rampart to the ditch, the ranks lay where they had stood in life.

To the west the purple peaks of the Rampart range are visible.

Here and there this rampart had a gap like a breach made by guns.