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With the right push, it could take you to just about anywhere — to distant tribal forts, to army bases in Waziristan and to hidden corners of the cities.

Digging into Des Moines HistoryDes Moines traces its modern-day history back to May of 1843, when Captain James Allen supervised construction of a fort at the place where the Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers merge.

The blanket-draped fort served as the actress’s workstation, with a host of audio producers providing directions via video conference.

This year, when Davis was asked to hold down the fort without James on the floor in the regular season, the Lakers weren’t anything special, getting outscored by 3 points per 100 possessions, per NBA Advanced Stats.

After an eight weeks' siege, a breach having been made, the city surrendered, and a month later the fort followed the example.

The Mexican artillery soon laid a part of the fort in ruins.

They soon retired, however, as the Fort was in danger of being attacked from another side.

He had been wont to do this on other occasions, because the enemy with nine ships was within sight of the fort.

De l peu d'heures il mourut entre mes mains fort chrestiennement.

There was a while when I developed a marvelous capacity for dodging invitations to Fort Walsh.