Wall [noun]

Definition of Wall:

obstruction, divider

Synonyms of Wall:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wall:

Sentence/Example of Wall:

Percival, with his new air of Wall Street operator, was inclined to hesitate.

It's lucky the captain knows nothing of my Wall Street speculations.

We'll put it across that corner, and have the couch against that wall.

Take my bridle off the wall, you, Jeff, and throw it at my feet.

But much as he yearned to do so, he dared not search the wall.

On the wall opposite the house the name of "Gladstone" is carved.

And working men may keep the wall, and jostle prince and peer.

The great mace used by his ecclesiastical ancestor he unhooked from the wall.

Dick glowered sullenly at the wall and tugged his great moustache.

You got your gun on Lanning—off the wall—before he had you covered?