Retainer [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Retainer:

Napier thought there was some collusion between the juggler and his retainer.

Do I understand—do you mean that you wish me to accept Cousin Holliday's retainer?

And there is no retainer so devoted as he who is allowed to sit on the doorstep.

They been paying me off—and that's a retainer, you might say.

The Resident learned this from a retainer of one of these nobles.

Old Jeff Stoups, who had been a retainer since the days of old Matt, quit. '

The ten, I take it, is a retainer for me to boost the yachtin' enterprise.

I must give Wilde a retainer to defend us in our libel actions.

When he goes to other parts of the country on a retainer he takes them in the carriage with him.

The half-pay was meant to be a retainer as well as a reward.