Mandate [noun]

Definition of Mandate:

authority, order

Synonyms of Mandate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mandate:

Sentence/Example of Mandate:

The mandate was obeyed, and Bates was lodged in the forecastle, securely ironed.

While she accepted him because it was the mandate of the gods, that was no reason that she should leave him in peace.

It was the mandate of his instinct that that head must be free.

The wretched Theodora was then ordered to retire, but she was unable to obey the mandate.

I was only too glad to comply with this mandate, but it was long ere I slept.

And so commanding was it that he had no power to defy its mandate.

Dowall was soon informed of the slight offered to his mandate.

If you obey my mandate you will escape with your wretched life.

Now does one suppose for a moment that she obeyed the mandate of the King?

The tone was louder, more commanding, and I dared not resist the mandate.