Request [noun]

Definition of Request:

question or petition

Synonyms of Request:

Opposite/Antonyms of Request:

Sentence/Example of Request:

The request, thus aided by flattery, was almost unanimously granted.

This request he intended to refuse, and enjoyed in advance the humiliation of young Rushton.

It was for them to consider how far they were justified in complying with his request.

He scowled upon me with a natural hate, and refused to comply with my request.

On his return he addressed, by their request, the people gathered to receive him.

Hester was greatly delighted with his ready compliance with her request.

The final volume, by her own request, she received in print.

Upon this Severus at the request of Galerius marched upon Rome.

Two reasons had prompted Wilson to request to have Sidney in the operating-room.

As a matter of fact, he was watching the boy closely, at Max Wilson's request.