Recourse [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Recourse:

So much the worse for him, if he has not recourse to their remedies.

When did a rheumatic ploughman have recourse to Bath or Buxton?

I am grieved to be driven to have recourse to the following artifices.

When once a man has recourse to reason and precision, there is an end of love.

So, in this dilemma, I had recourse to a piece of jesuitry, of which I was not a little proud.

Al. “Hud a phyd,” “The valour of the forward Elphin had recourse to wiles and stratagems.”

And one must have recourse to the physician in both instances.

Whereupon the followers of Arius decided to have recourse to violence.

Can we suppose that he is ignorant of antiquity, and therefore has recourse to invention?

And I thought that I had better have recourse to the world of mind and seek there the truth of existence.