Option [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Option:

What a fatality, that you have no better an option—either a Scylla or a Charybdis.

You should go, see Von Brent, and get a renewal of the option.

I want that twenty thousand pounds before the option ceases.'

Also I should like to see a copy of the option, or the original document by which you hold the mine.'

Von Brent is the owner of the mine, and the man who gave John the option.

That would mean, of course, to wait until this first option had run out.'

He has delayed us by every means in his power until the option has nearly expired.

Mr. Kenyon has the option of a mine in Canada, which he believes to be a good property.

He had no option but to settle himself in the saddle for the great effort.

It would precipitate a tragedy to allow the lunatic any option in the matter.