Election [noun]

Definition of Election:

choosing; voting

Synonyms of Election:

Opposite/Antonyms of Election:


Sentence/Example of Election:

Now I’m being criticized on the vaccine because they’re petrified that the vaccine comes in, you know, before the election.

Congress is set to leave town the first week of October and not return until after the election.

She declined to say whom she voted for in the last election.

They were represented by Pittsburgh attorney Clifford Levine, a longtime election lawyer for Pennsylvania Democrats.

To meet this challenge, local election officials will have to overcome numerous hurdles with little time and money to spare.

Particularly given the rate at which the election is approaching.

Nine other states are preparing to proactively send ballots to voters — five because the state already runs universal mail elections, and four because the state chose to ease mail voting to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The left saw 2018 as a building year in Delaware, finding potential voters and linking together volunteers who could at the very least win lower-turnout elections down the ballot.

Election of representatives from New York to consider the federal constitution held.

The Colonel left, and in a few days the election coming off, each candidate made his appearance at the critical German polls.