Preference [noun]

Definition of Preference:

first choice

Synonyms of Preference:

Opposite/Antonyms of Preference:

Sentence/Example of Preference:

How my heart rises at her preference of them to me, when she is convinced of their injustice to me!

Let us consider, again, how preference in a writer is established.

That would be showing a preference, and a preference is never fair.

All our reasonings a priori will never be able to show us any foundation for this preference.

In preference to talking to her, he preferred to stand a little way off and look at her.

And shall I marry a woman, who has given me reason to doubt the preference she has for me?

From their early youth his three sons showed a preference for the hidden wisdom.

Many varieties of stone were used, but the preference was given to basalt.

Barillon, then our ambassador in England, was listened to in preference.

Gervaise didn't know yet because Nana had never indicated any preference.