Partiality [noun]

Definition of Partiality:

favoritism, fondness

Synonyms of Partiality:

Opposite/Antonyms of Partiality:

Sentence/Example of Partiality:

Having a partiality for Robert, this was not likely to recommend his enemy in her eyes.

Aggie sniffed vehemently in rebuke of the gross partiality of fate in his behalf.

"I'll have you before his honour," is the threat of an Irishman who hopes for partiality.

An insincere profession will be distinguished by partiality in its observances.

Don't take so heavily my mother's partiality and prejudices.

She will be flattered that your partiality for her is as warm as ever.

It was said that the French Treasury, which was not overflowing, was still more reduced by the Queen's partiality for her brother.

As for her partiality for liqueurs, he regarded this as quite natural.

This statement of partiality does not lead to an apology for a new book on the grape.

The partiality of our author for Rubens is very perceptible.