Dish [noun]

Definition of Dish:

eating receptacle

Synonyms of Dish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dish:


Sentence/Example of Dish:

KitchenMate delivers new Meal-Pods once or twice a week, and teams can influence what gets delivered by voting on the dishes that they want.

No more long nights or gross sponges, trying to avoid dirty dishes in your sink.

If we have a hankering for a dish of pasta loaded with shaved truffles, we know where to go.

Then there are others who can’t so much as wash the dishes or make a sales call without first devising an optimal plan of attack.

A mouse is not a person, and brain cells in a dish do not make a brain.

FasterCures, which is part of the Milken Institute think tank, is tracking 179 vaccine candidates, most of which are still being tested in lab dishes and animals.

In petri dishes and animals, remdesivir had already been shown to be active in fighting a wide variety of RNA-based viruses.

A dish of toads of the largest and most repulsive variety used to be offered one by one to the big man's relatives and guests.

This gift of rice was especially pleasing to the traveller, as no dish is held in higher honour in Korea.

"Perry Thomas guessed he was an embezzler," said Tim, putting the last dish in the cupboard and sitting down to his pipe.