Pitcher [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pitcher:

S' fur 's the pitcher goes, it's about as good 's kin be did with paint, I guess.

And I wish, for all our sakes, that we had the pitcher here now!

But the truth is, there is hardly a drop more milk in the pitcher.

"I kinda fergot it wasn't nothin' but a pitcher," he stammered, apologetically.

She speedily descended to the reservoir of water, and filled her pitcher.

Then having cut the lemons, squeeze out all the juice into a pitcher.

Then put them into a pitcher, and fill it up with boiling water.

Tobe set down the pitcher as gingerly as if it had been a soap-bubble.

Honore rose, and going to the sideboard brought back a pitcher of water.

She wouldn't hesitate throwing a pitcher of water over his head.