Bottle [noun]

Definition of Bottle:

container, usually for liquids

Synonyms of Bottle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bottle:


Sentence/Example of Bottle:

Face masks and constant sanitization are also required, along with spray bottles of disinfectant for everyone who’s working out and checking their temperature before they head outside or touch the equipment.

I like that the Flash puts the weight of the included bottle on my lower back.

That means running when it’s cool out, bringing a bottle of water to keep them hydrated, and taking frequent breaks.

Chandler says that sherry vinegar is the bottle she reaches for most often.

At this point, 64 were still breastfeeding or getting breastmilk from a bottle.

Each package of diapers or bottle of detergent ordered by an online customer might be touched dozens of times by warehouse workers before finding its way into a box delivered to a home.

That includes the hard plastic of water bottles and the plastic fibers that are woven into clothing.

The researchers housed these microbes in small bottles with some nutrient broth.

One of the little girls in pigtails was holding him, while Miss Anne administered the feeding-bottle.

An hour later, I heard he was dead: that on his way to his home he had purchased a bottle of laudanum and swallowed the contents!