Soldier [noun]

Definition of Soldier:

person serving in military

Opposite/Antonyms of Soldier:


Sentence/Example of Soldier:

"Up the Main Street, and across the drawbridge," said the soldier, goodnaturedly.

"Then you may bid farewell to your bed, soldier," said Hordle John.

But here are three strangers, and one, as I take it, a soldier fresh from service.

I am proud of you, Sidney; you came through it like a soldier.

There is a Telling of that passing and of that soldier which has to do with the gold that was never found.

In its physical aspect, it is well worthy to be a soldier's letter.

Nor is there any place in the world where a soldier might lie in braver company.

Christina is a soldier's daughter, and must learn to bear the noise of cannon.

This shows of what value, a little active service is to the soldier.

And yet the courage of the soldier is the commonest of virtues.