Marine [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Marine:

"Anybody who knows anything about marine engines, follow me," he snapped.

Of these, oyster or marine shells, burnt shale, and slag are most common.

Out of the inanimate rocks had sprung the marine plants—the seaweeds.

It is said, the King is not satisfied with the new Minister of Marine.

Rogers was the local dealer in anchors and other marine ironwork.

So were the Ministers of War and Marine, who had declared themselves for the people.

Millions of marine creatures swarmed in the labyrinthine waterways.

He has climbed very high; he is a judge of the Marine Court at Havana.

The exclusive possession of a marine boiler had given Falk the whip-hand of us all.

In the Gordons' Mess "a Marine" used to stand as synonym for emptiness.